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1. 100 Club

For many years the Club have run a 100 club which costs a modest £5 a month and provides the club with a fund to spend on various capital projects. It is a low-cost scheme that has several spare numbers available to offer to Club members, ideally suited for club members, or their children or grandchildren

Please consider joining as a way of supporting the Club through these straitened financial times for us. There are 100 numbers in total with each number costing £5 per month. A draw is made for each month with prizes per month of £100, £50 and £25 for 10 months of the year and £400, £175 and £75 in December and June. The draw is made in an appropriate public setting.

The subscriptions are made by standing order into the club competition account which is separate from the main account and intended for club development. If you would like to join this club fundraiser it is run by Craig Jenkins who can be contacted on